Sunday, 24 January 2010

Kebab salad

Hello All,

I have discovered a fantastic recipe that is quick, easy and so yummy! :)

My husband calls it Kebab salad. Here's what you do:
(prep and cooking time 5-10 mins)

1. A cup of mince
2. Olive oil
3. A tbsp of chillies or mixed spices
4. One spring onion finely chopped
5. a handful of lettuce
6. one stick of celery chopped
7. a wedge of cucumber
8. salad dressing

-heat up some olive oil in a saucepan, add your mince.
-Add your chillies or mixed spices to the saucepan and mix while heating until the mince has browned.
-Put salad on a plate and sprinkle over the chopped celery, cucumber and spring onion, garnish with a salad dressing. Thousand Island is very tasty as is garlic and herb.
-once mince has browned, place on top of salad and serve.

Enjoy! :)

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