Friday, 22 January 2010

working from home

I don't know about the rest of you, but do you find that your bored with your jobs? The same old thing day in and day out? Long hours, sat in traffic to and from work. The office is just tedious, answering the same phone, the same queries, the same one hour lunch break, the same paperwork, the same productivity to reach everyday.

Well, I have a desire of working from home, part time. Money is not an easy thing to accumulate, unless you work really hard for it. I'd love to work part-time, earn the same money if not more than I'm on now, but to be able to do that working from home. So, I had the notion to search online for some of the jobs that are currently available. Let me tell you that there are hundreds and hundreds of them. The bad news is, they are also in it for themselves and if you are unfortunate enough as to stumble upon the thousands of "money making from the comfort of your own home" websites, they tell you that you are able to earn thousands of pounds a month without doing any more than a few hours work per day. Don't get sucked in!!!!

They wave the carrot your way, provide the convincer and then the scam. You have to pay an admin fee. Honestly, if these guys are earning that much every month then why the admin fee. Surely they can give it to you for free? Whether it's £1.95 to join or £40.00, either way, you don't get anything for free. Don't do what I did and spend an entire evening trawling through websites to try and find a way to work from home and end up following some endless trail of pointless adverts that ask you to pay out money before you earn it. The best website I have come across so far is Working Mums..

Try it and see what you find!

Happy hunting


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