Friday, 22 January 2010

Welcome to Sammy's receipe blog

Hello!!!! I am Sammy.

In search of a hobby and after expending hours and hours of my time trying to find something where I could do something creative, fun, relaxing and imaginative....looking for something cheap as well as close to home....well, let's just say it was challenging. Then my lovely mum-in-law suggested cooking! Great idea!!!! Being a lover of food anyway, trying something different and experimentation I decided to give it a try :) Even better, my hubby decided to go on a diet and not just any diet...the Atkins diet! As I have never been on a diet before in my life, I decided to see what my husband meant by serious cravings (not the kind you experience when you desperately need a chocolate bar!) I mean SERIOUS cravings.

Before I start talking about my hobby and love of cooking, let me first explain the Atkins diet. It's a diet where you eat like a KING (or queen) and you loose weight! Say goodbye to low fat meals that take weight loss ages to start....on the Atkins diet, you need to be committed to staying on it for a minimum of two weeks. First day is fine, you've swapped your bread, cakes, chocolate, crisps, potatoes, pasta, fruit and biscuits for meat, cheese, salad, green vegetables, eggs and fish, the second day, you think how nice it would be to eat a blueberry muffin (that was my problem anyway) by the third day your gagging for a bag of chips, not just gagging even, by this point, your willing to pay £100 for a cake!

All i can say at this point and stress really heavily is DON'T WHATEVER YOU DO GIVE UP!!!!! The third day is always the worst, but trust me if you keep to what your allowed to eat by day 4 or 5 depending on the person, it is not uncommon to wake up with a feeling of euphoria. I'm not kidding! Day 4, I woke up at 8am and practically jumped out of bed, feelings of tiredness and fatigue-gone-overnight! I felt really great, my skin had cleared up, I felt amazing, felt like I could do anything and I no longer had any cravings for carbs.

One week after starting the Atkins diet, my husband lost 1 stone and a half and I myself lost a stone! The weight is literally dropping off my husband, he's thrilled and at the same time I am cooking. On the atkins diet you are allowed a fried breakfast-who knew? No need to feel guilt as it helps you LOOSE weight. You are also allowed a kebab! However, do take care not to eat the pitta bread and accompanying tomatoes.

Ever feel like you just can't be bothered to cook? The option to pop to your local supermarket and grab a hot chicken is also available.

I am pleased to say that the two week finish line is there in plain sight, just two days away!


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